About the Remote Phone Spy website

I created the remote phone spy web site because of my passion for programming both computers and cell phones. I create Android apps for both fun and profit. Before creating remotephonespy.com I noticed a lot of controversy online regarding the topic of remote cell phone spying and if it was possible to remotely install a cell phone spy. In other words if it was possible to spy on a mobile phone without actually installing a spy program directly to it - hands on. Some people said 'yes' it could be done and others claim that any spy software app saying you can install their cell phone spy remotely was a scam. I knew you could install PC spy remotely so I figured why not cell phone spy?

I looked into it and came to find not only is remote phone spying possible but has been done by the military for decades now! From research and experimentation as well as discussing the matter with a few military high hats I finally learned the truth that you can in fact spy on a cell phone without installing a spy program to the cell phone you want to spy on.

The controversy is due to the fact there are several bogus and scam remote phone spy programs out there that have helped to tarnish the reputation of ALL remote phone spy software. So I created remotephonespy.com to set the record straight. Fact is you do not need to be spending money on phone spy apps that have recurring fees for member area access as remote phone spy software does not have these recurring fees for spying on a cell phone.

(Maybe this has something to do with why there are people out there saying you can't spy on a cell phone remotely. Maybe the people who gesticulate this opinion have something to gain financially by making you think you have to spend recurring fees for their cell phone spy resulting in recurring commissions for them??)